Carrboro Community Solar is:

An array of solar panels at Town Commons on the roof of the Carrboro Farmers Market shed, providing clean power to Town Hall and the electric grid;

An educational gathering spot for local citizens to learn about solar energy;

A project financed entirely by a handful of local citizens;

A clean power source for Carrboro for years to come;

A small but significant step toward local self-reliance!

In early 2012 the Town of Carrboro, assisted by the nonprofit Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy (AIRE), put out a call for local citizens willing to fund a community solar array, with the understanding that much of their investment would be recouped through tax incentives and electricity sales.

A handful of local investors stepped forward, and with the help of AIRE and the Town, formed Carrboro Community Solar, LLC (CCS) to finance, own, and operate the solar array for six years. CCS has agreed that at the end of the six year period the solar array will be donated, or sold at a bargain rate, to the Town, at which point the town will receive all future revenues and assume maintenance of the facility.

The array will continue to provide clean power indefinitely, providing the citizens of Carrboro with a clean, green, and locally owned source of power. Our hope is that the solar array will be a small but visible step on the road to local self-reliance and to reducing our collective carbon footprint. We also hope it will become a tool for teaching and learning about renewable energy and community resilience as we face an uncertain future together!

Solar energy is an abundant, locally sustainable, and clean source of electric power. Solar power burns no fossil fuel — instead, solar power draws on a limitless source of energy that flows without air, water, or noise pollution, and without destruction of our beautiful and precious landscape. And the more solar power we install, the smaller our collective carbon footprints will be.

Solar power is a vital component of distributed generation, the idea that the more small, local sources of power we have, the more secure our energy system will be. Installing solar power also provides good, skilled jobs within our community. Solar panel costs have been falling rapidly, and federal and state incentives have helped encourage more installation.